Alphabet Flip Chart

Kindergarten Fundamentals!

Preschool and Kindergarten children can learn letters and sounds effortlessly with The Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart. These letters visually help the child recall the letter because the shape of the letter is in the form of an animal with which they are familiar. Furthermore, each letter has a story and an action that coincides with the animal, thus improving memory of the sound even more.

Available in hard copy and digital download.

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Alphabet Essentials Kit

Designed for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners, this powerful combination of the Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart, CD and Activities Book is not only fun, it reinforces essential concepts. As the child listens to the CD, they will want to interact with the music while performing the suggested action. The Activities Book contains hands-on activities, theme-related books, suggested snacks, and free games for each letter.

Available in hard copy and digital download.

Alphabet Foundation Add-Ons

Make the most of alphabet learning with our fun collection of supplementary products. This collection helps Kindergarten students retain and reinforce the knowledge they have gained from the Flip Chart and/or the Alphabet Essentials Kit.