"I love your products. My son, now 5 started learning his letters at barely age 3 with a preschool teacher using your system. He can now read many basic level books for 1st grade level and he writes phonetically correct all of the time. Thanks for such wonderful products, I have now started my next son that is 3 years old on them."

- Kristy

"I got the cd and flip chart for my 4-year old a year and a half ago when he was struggling to learn his alphabet. Not only did it work wonders for him, his little brother, who was 2 at the time knew almost all of his letters and sounds! All of my boys LOVE it!"

- Saedra Oldham

"My two-year old daughter got the alphabet flip chart with the audio CD for Christmas from her Grandma. We listen to it in the car and sing together while she follows along in her book. A month later she now knows her ABCs and even recognizes the letters on my computer keyboard. This product is fun AND amazing!!!"

- Marie Green

"I have been trying the flip chart and CD with my 2 year old son for the past 2 weeks. He loves it so much! He is remembering the sounds in connection to the letters very well because of the fun songs and actions. To him it is a game and something he enjoys doing. The flip chart with CD makes learning for him much more fun than just flash cards."

- Lindsey Rietzsch

"I purchased the flip book activity book and the placemat all at a local expo that Esther was at. I started working with my 25-month old daughter and in about 20 minutes she had picked up the sound and action for letters A-E. I am so amazed at how well this works!!! I can't wait to teach her more!!!"

- Jessica Anderson

"I'm a State Licensed Family Daycare Provider. I do Daycare plus a preschool program. I meet her demonstrating the flip chare and workbook at an expo. I bought both. They are wonderful and amazing! I have children as young as 18 months and as old as 4 1/2, that know the letter, sound and action! Because it's so easy and fun for them to learn! They only need to be told the letter, story and action only a couple of times and then they know it by heart! My children will see who can be the first to say and do the letter when I flip to it on the flip chart! Thanks for a wonderful and amazing way for our children to learn the letters. Even my parents are asking "What are you using to teach them the letters?" They are buying the flip charts and workbooks to reinforce at home! One parent said their child was picking up his toys and was saying "I'm E the elephant and eeeeeeee" as he was picking up his toys!"

- Jody McCleery

"I started trying to teach my daughter her letters when she was 3 and met with very little success. She could only get about 3 or 4 of the letters consistently. Both she and myself hated even trying to learn anything because we would both get frustrated before much learning took place. I ordered the flipchart and decided to try this as a last resort - after just using this for a week my daughter started catching on and we both really began enjoying the learning process together. After just a month my daughter could name all the letters and most of the sounds. It has made things much easier for both of us and made her much more successful."

- Heather Abbott

"This book is what it says, it is Amazing because of the results it produces, there is Action with every letter, and it is a great way to learn the Alphabet sounds in a fun way. Our son was only 8 months old when we introduced this book to him as part of his reading. By the time he was 10 months he knew the actions to some of the letters and now at 16 months can do most of the actions and sounds. We love this book so much our 5-month old is now being introduced to it. This book is Amazing and I am glad to have something that allows our children to be active while learning and it is great for us too, it is just one more positive way to be involved in our son’s lives. It is one of our favorite books, thank you for introducing this to us!!!"

- Doug &Tammi Sumsion

"I started doing preschool in my home nine months ago with my 3-year old daughter and 2-year old son. My daughter can now read simple words, but my son could only randomly identify about 10 alphabet letters. A friend recommended the Amazing Action Alphabet. I introduced the first five letters that night and we did all 26 the next morning. That night, after having only used the flip chart those two times, my son could tell my husband most of the letter names and all of the letter sounds. It was an AMAZING breakthrough for both of us! After personally meeting Esther Kehl and feeling her enthusiasm for this program along with my experience I knew I had happened onto something special. Thank you so much!"

-CaRyn Carlisle

"I love this flip chart! When my son was about two and a half I got this book. He loves it still and he is five now. This method makes it so fun and easy to help your kids learn the alphabet and sounds and puts them on the fast track to reading on their own. And now I feel confident in my abilities to help my kids with their education. I love it!"

- Danielle Hintze

"The flip chart is fun & engaging. A valuable educational tool for Kids as they get to 'experience' each letter of the alphabet! Our daughter learned all 26 letters & their sounds by the time she was about 2 1/2 years old. It was easy & enjoyable to use. "Tami Earl"I used this with my daughter when she was four years old. She absolutely loved the pictures and the stories. She learned several letters with their sound in less than 30 minutes and she never lost what she learned. Now she is in kindergarten and reading on a high first grade low second grade level. She's confident at school and excited every night to do her reading. This is an amazing program and I wish they'd incorporate it in the school system."

- Amber Tayler

"As a resource teacher of 14 years and a parent of three, this has been one of the most effective reading tools I have ever used! My son will be in Kindergarten next year and is already reading, thanks to this program. My two year old is already saying some of his sounds. It truly is 'amazing!'"

- Heidi Chytraus

"I first saw my sister use this program with her daughter who was repeating all the alphabet letters and sounds at the age of two. I knew then I had to have it! I immediately purchased the program and began to teach MY 3-year old daughter her letters and sounds. To my AMAZEMENT she learned the first nine alphabet letters in less than 30 minutes. WOW! I felt like such a teacher! I now tell ALL my friends about the Amazing Action Alphabet and they have the same results! We also have remarked more than once that the Flip Chart is our child's favorite book and we have to take it everywhere we go. Currently, we use this program in a neighborhood joy school. We love the interactive activities and theme day snacks suggestions, etc... Thank you for helping me educate my child in a fun and effective way!!!"

- Deborah Wagner

"I have worked as a pre-K educator for nearly 10 years and currently work at the local district office as an Early Childhood Teacher Mentor. There is no doubt that children need to have exposure and experiences with letters and sounds prior to entering Kindergarten and even more in-depth experiences in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Most parents have a strong desire to bring letters and sounds into their homes but most approaches are generally "drill and kill" which, research shows, actually prevents children from acquiring a love of learning. The Amazing Action Alphabet program is a multi-sensory program approach that is fun and educational. Children love the stories and activities. I strongly suggest parents hang an alphabet poster near the child's bed and in those precious morning moments or before sleep at night, children can gaze at the alphabet letters, reinforcing the concepts, allowing them to recall the endearing characters from the story. That ability to recall is an important aspect of learning. This is truly one of the best phonics programs I have used and I highly recommend the program for home and school use."

- Katrina Stratford