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Number Neighborhood Flip Chart

Number Neighborhood Flip Chart

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The Number Neighborhood Flip Chart is the MOST POWERFUL WAY to teach number names and how to count numbers 1-20. This book uses multiple areas of the brain as they engage in stories, actions, and counting objects that makes learning numbers "amazing." First, the child will SEE the shape of the number in character form. Next, the child will HEAR an amusing story that brings life and understanding of name and value of the number. Finally, the child is asked to DO an action that will help the child successfully remember the number and will count the objects in to picture that aids in the learning the value of the number. By following this approach, your child will learn number in such a simple and effective way that you will be “amazed!” You can introduce a new number daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Digital download includes ONE PDF download per purchase. Download and print at your convenience.

Available in hard copy and digital download.

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